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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting to know you (in a sing song voice)

You've met my kids through their birth stories and our every day life stories, but I am going to take this opportunity (while they are both sleeping) to avoid cleaning my house and introduce you to my amazing family that puts a smile on my face and love in my heart.

I'll start at the bottom of the totem pole - so to speak.

Meet Indiana Jones
She is our Border Collie that we rescued while living in Austin, TX.  She is really smart, really energetic, barks a lot, and smells REALLY BAD.  I read a "birth" quote once that said, "Once you have a baby, your dog becomes just that...a dog."  And that is what she has become.  I love her very much and she has been a blessing on our family.  But seriously, she smells.  And all she does is lick, lick, lick.

Meet Delaney Jo
Haha, I just love this picture of her.  A pure look of annoyance on her face.  Delaney just turned 7 months old yesterday!  This year is flying by so fast, it's scary.  I can't seem to hold onto these baby moments. 
Delaney, Laney, D, Angel Face - is just starting to get her first taste of non-mamma's milk.  She really enjoys the smoothies I make (bananas, kale, apples, strawberries, blueberries), but I hate that she is growing up so fast, so I only give her some every couple of days.  She loves to nurse, but is distracted easily.  She is wearing 9 month clothes now and fits in the medium sized diaper covers and large sized cloth prefolds.  She has the softest, cutest little behind that I can't stop squeezing.  In the past couple of weeks, she has mastered the army crawl and has started to get her knees into it as well.  She moves fast!
She does not like that I am a doula.  In fact, she doesn't like that I am a human being who needs bathroom breaks.  If it was up to her, she would put a diaper on me and super glue us together.  She definitely is not a fan of me walking more than 3 feet away from her.  She loves her Daddy (as long as I'm holding her, or am out of sight).  She also LOVES LOVES LOVES her big brother Stephen.  She just laughs at him all day long.

Meet Stephen Daniel

Stephen, Stevo, Bugaboo, Stevo Burrito - is almost 3 years old (in June)!  I can't believe how old he is!  He has so much energy.  He runs on full blast until he is passed out in his bed.  He's a pretty good eater, keeps it pretty healthy, but enjoys an occasional cookie or two.  He loves choo choo trains and tractors and dump trucks.  He loves to play music and to sing along.  He has his ABC's down and can write the first two letters of his name all by himself.  He can count to 20 - but he always skips the number 15.  He has been potty trained since 20 months old, but he told me the other day, that he wants to try going to bed at night without a diaper.  I'm so excited for him!  What an accomplishment!  He loves to play with other kids, but plays by himself so well.  He has his own unique way of learning things, and he marvels in his own accomplishments.  He is also very destructive.  :)  He loves to take things apart.  He loves to help us cook dinner and when he wakes in the morning before everyone else, he creates some of his own concoctions...all over the floor...  But I love his creativity.  He beats down on the dog, picks on his sister, wrestles with his Daddy, and cuddles with his Mommy.  He is all I ever hoped for in a son.

Meet my husband Michael

I have to secretly take pictures of him, because he hates the camera.  This is my hardworking, supportive, amazing husband.  My rock.  My life.  He works nonstop to support our family.  He loves working in the yard when the whether is nice.  He finds just about any excuse to get outside and enjoy nature.  He puts his heart and soul into our garden to keep our fridge, freezer and pantry stocked full of good fruits and veggies to last us all year long.  He has so much fun playing with Stephen, but is a good balance of discipline as well.  He is still in awe that he has a baby girl.  I don't know where I would be in the world without this man.  He is truly incredible.

And....Meet me.  Meagan Jo

A mom.  A wife.  A friend.  A sister.  A daughter.  A doula. 
I work hard, and I'm proud of what I do.  I give a lot of love.  More love than I ever knew was possible to give.  And thanks to my family and friends, I get all that love back...tenfold.
I love my life.

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