Reflections on Motherhood and Life as a Doula

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A "Birth Day" 200-Fan Giveaway!

Hello, my lonely little blog.  I have neglected you, and for that I am sorry.

As I attempt to organize my very busy life, I have been noticing my Facebook fanbase growing.  How fabulous!!  I find brief moments throughout my day (usually when I'm nursing my daughter) to post articles, update my status, and answer birthy questions on the Facebook Page, all the while brainstorming different blog post topics.  I promise that I will start finding the time to actually post these - there has to be someone who can magically grant me more hours in a day.

But my REAL promise is a 200-Fan Giveaway!!!  I will be giving away my favorite birth video - Naoli Vinaver Lopez' "Birth Day"!  It is an amazing video!  Wonderful for any Mama-to be, Birthworkers' lending libraries, and/or to be shown in Childbirth Classes.  This giveaway is only for United States residents.

So share away!!!  Let's get Nurturing Nature Doula Services to 200 fans and beyond!  I want to spread the good word about the joys and bliss of Pregancy and Childbirth!  We CAN make a difference!  We CAN change society's norm!