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Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Childbirth Prep Course Complete!

Last night I finished another 6 week Childbirth Preparation Course. It is always a bittersweet experience for me. One night a week for 6 weeks I am kid free for a few hours, teaching about what I love most. I develop relationships with amazing couples who are reaching out for the information on how to safely, gently, and peacefully bring their babies into this world. I walk away inspired by the women and couples who are taking back their births.

This class was no different. I consider them all friends and sisters in motherhood and life. I am so proud of the work they are putting into their prenatal care and the experience they are going to have so soon.

Every class presents me with different challenges. Every couple is different and every group of couples are different - whether it be VBACers, First time moms, Hospital Birthers, Homebirthers, or Hypnobabies students...No class or course is the same.

Week 6 is always my favorite. It's the class where any final questions are asked and we sit and watch videos of beautiful births, the types of births I hope they all get to experience. I had planned on only viewing "Birth Day" this class, but when I realized it was only 11 minutes long we added "Orgasmic Birth" as well. I love watching all the videos that my husband is so sick of watching with me.

I hope that I was able to help these women on their journeys to motherhood. I have the utmost confidence that all three couples will achieve the birth experience they desire and walk away feeling empowered.

Only two of the couples were able to make it to the final class.

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