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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The power of nature...and an immune boosting recipe!

As I sit here and search for an herbal remedy I have yet to try for this last stage of illness I am at (31 weeks pregnant and fighting the cold/flu), herbs and nature begin to flood my computer, my brain, my heart.  And now tears are streaming down my face.  Silly?  Maybe.  But along with my family and birth, nature and all its healing properties are my passion.  My life.

Homeschooling and this pregnancy...and the holidays...and everyday life have interrupted those few nanoseconds of me-time where I was working on my herbalist certification and opening my everything to what nature has blessed us with.  In no way am I upset with homeschooling, this pregnancy, the holidays, or everyday life at interrupting.  I am just sad that for a moment (seemed long, but so short in the grand scheme) I lost/strayed from something that is so dear to my heart and so healing to my family and myself in so many ways.

But alas, it brought me back to blogging.  Which feels good.  I need to catch up on sleep for so many reasons (to heal myself, to prepare for a birth any day now, to take care of my growing baby) and I am going to head to bed with a last minute remedy that a dear friend just called me with - warm rag soaked in ACV on my chest while I sleep - and hope that I will be dreaming soon. 

Don't you worry though, I'm not going to leave you without a simple recipe for an immune boosting, cold fighting syrup that my family lives on.  Tis the season!

Nurturing Nature's Elderberry Syrup:

1c Elderberries (dried) - I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs
4c Water
2c Raw Honey (can be adjusted to depending on how sweet you like it)

Add 4 cups of water and Elderberries to a stainless steel pot and bring to a boil.
Reduce to a simmer and let simmer for approximately 25 minutes or until it has reduced to half.
Strain Elderberries (I use cheesecloth) and make sure to squeeze all the juices from them.
I strain the liquid into a quartsize mason jar and allow it to cool to room temperature.  At this point I add the honey - adding honey while liquid is still hot can kill many of the healing properties of raw honey. 
Store in the refrigerator.  The syrup will eventually go bad.  I have successfully stored it in the fridge for up to 4 weeks with no problems.

During the "sick seasons" we all take 1T a day to keep our immune systems strong.  If we are sick, we take 1T before each meal...or just drink it by the small cup-full because it tastes that good and is nothing but good for you.  Enjoy!!!

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