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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A New Look, A New Step

I have sat on the computer for DAYS trying to figure out how to personalize my blog and website.  I am so technologically inept, it is ridiculous.  But alas, I have a new look (at least the blog does for now).

Once I attempt to transfer this look over to the website as well, I will get on with my new step in this birthworker process. 

I get calls from a lot of potential doula clients.  I get a massive amount of e-mails and calls for placenta encapsulation.  And I am beginning to get a few inquiries on the Childbirth Preparation Classes.  Yay!  Even if for me (the woman who only takes on 1-2 births per month) this seems like a lot of people interested in bettering their birthing experience, there are SO MANY other women out there who either don't know where to begin in achieving a better birth, or they don't even know it is possible. 

I want to make the blog/website look more appealing in hopes to catch soon-to-be birthing women's eyes.  Once I have completed this task (I totally didn't think it would take me this long), I am going to reprint my pamphlets with my updated information and take a fun drive around the counties I serve and drop them off at health food stores, yoga studios, and chiropractic/wellness centers. 

Here's to spreading the good word about how AWESOME birth can be!

Tell me, how do you like the knew look??

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  1. I don't know if maybe it's just my computer, but your text, background, and text background are all the same colour.... so I can't read the text... If you go to "Desgin" then "Template Designer" then to "Advanced" then "Backgrounds," you can change the "Main Background" to something lighter or darker or whatevs : ) If you want some help, I can totally do it with you, especially if you want to move it to your website.