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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gardens and Bees and Clotheslines, Oh My!

I LOVE SPRING!!!  Funny that I am saying that right now, as the cold wind blows and the snow re-stuck to the ground las night.  But Spring is here and I know that snow will melt away for good in the next few weeks.

My house is an absolute mess due to my crazy spring cleaning.  I have emptied out every drawer, closet, I'm just trying to find a new home for everything.  Ya know, change things up.  Make my life a little lighter and brighter.

Every countertop in my kitchen is covered with some sort of plant in some sort of pot, growing slowly under our grow lights and waiting patiently for the ground to thaw so they can transfer outside.  Mike spends so much money every year on flowery annuals to plant in our gardens.  He decided this year to save a bunch of money and grow them himself - and the good news is that he is growing mostly perennials, so we won't have to do this every year.  A bunch of our veggies have been started.  We are planning some adventures to flea markets to pick up old windows so we can build our cold boxes.  I can't wait to get these veggies in the ground.  If I do this right, we should have vegetables to last us the entire year.

Mike's birthday is coming up in June, and I've been wracking my brain about what to get him.  I really want this year to be special.  As we add more children to our family, we focus all of our time and energy on them.  It is nice to save a few days out of the year to spoil eachother and remember who we are as individuals.  Initially I was going to get him Jimmy Buffet tickets for the July show at Blossom.  The ticket prices made my stomach clench into knots, but I knew it would be worth every penny.  I packed up the kids and drove up to ticketmaster to get the tickets...Sold Out.  My heart sunk.  Mike is so hard to buy for, and this was the only thing I could think of that would really make him happy. 
As I've been researching other possible gift ideas, I have finally decided what to get him.  Bees!  We have a bunch of fruit trees and bushes going in this year, and what better way to pollinate them, then with honey bees.  My Dad has been raising bees for as long as I can remember, so I got together with him to find out exactly what I needed to do to get this started.  I'll be ordering the hive and supplies this week, and my parents are driving out to the apiary to pick up the bees for them and for us at the end of April.  I really think that this will be a hobby that Mike will enjoy.  And hey, we'll get honey as a bonus!

My children, my skin, and my clothes are begging for some warm sunshine.  As soon as the temperature hits 50, my clothesline will be up and my diapers will be flapping in the wind.  I love that I can use household chores as an excuse to get outside and soak up some rays.  God, I love the smell of clothes after drying on a clothesline.

I have two more births scheduled for right now.  One should be having her baby any day now, and the other is due in mid-April.  My confidence is building again, and I am so excited to welcome more babies earthside.  The female body is so amazing!
I keep telling myself that once these birth are done, I will take a break to enjoy my family and our summer together.  But I know that as soon as another woman calls, I will be opening my arms to more babies being born. 
If I do get a little break, you can find me in my back yard.  I will be in the garden, playing with my kids, and slowly building a chicken coup.

Warm weather, I give you permission to arrive NOW!  Looking forward to a wonderful spring and summer.  There will be so much to celebrate.  And who knows, maybe baby #3 will be on his/her way as we reenter into the cold months.

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